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The trees are growing pink with blossoms as its coming to that romantic time of year, on the island though it has allowed the captains to find a lake running of from the river absolutely full of fish and water type Pokemon but oddly at this time of year the most common thing to catch right now is Luvdiscs

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All images/ written works within the theme of valentine's day will gain an additional 50GS

Luvdisc fishing

Draw or write your character (with a loved one is optional) fishing and or catching a luvdisc

Romance is in the air

Does your hybrid have a crush? Show us, maybe they choose this day to reveal it, or will they just quietly admire them 

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Blossom picnic

Underneath this journal please post a starter for a roleplay with the theme of a picnic under the blossom trees   by the newfound lake, each starter will gain you 10GS with each reply gaining 5GS

Roleplays under this event must be held on this journal in order to count.

---This event will end on the 13th February---
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Rules and Regulations


Story of the island

Jobs and positions

how to earn GS








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